My office is more than happy to assist you as you navigate your way through provincial government services. These pages can provide helpful information on frequently requested services. Should you have additional inquiries, please contact us to see how we can assist you.

What we offer:

Where your MPP cannot intervene:

You wouldn’t call on a plumber to fix an electrical problem, or on a landscaper to paint your house. In the same way, your MPP can help you in matters that pertain to programs and services delivered by the Government of Ontario, but has no jurisdiction outside the Government of Ontario.

Within matters covered by the Government of Ontario, here are the principal limitations you and your MPP face:

  • We cannot overrule, appeal or change any decisions made by a court, judge or tribunal;
  • We cannot intervene if you have retained a lawyer, or if the matter is overseen by the Ontario Courts;
  • We cannot make any program or service do something outside what its mandate is, or what it is set up to do;
  • Applications for public appointments should be made directly to the Public Appointments Secretariat. Your MPP cannot accept an application for a public appointment, nor affect who is chosen;
  • We cannot authorize purchases, contract work, influence hiring, or retain your services on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

Some services we do not provide:

  • Passport Applications/Renewals
  • Immigration assistance
  • Employment insurance claims

For these services, please contact your federal Member of Parliament Dave van Kesteren:

15 Princess Street
Leamington, Ontario
N8H 2X8
Telephone: 519-326-9655
Fax: 519-326-2042

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