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MPP Nicholls Continues to Lobby Province for Highway Barriers

September 20, 2017

Chatham-Kent MPP Continues to Lobby Province for Highway Barriers
News Release -19 September, 2017

Last night, Chatham-Kent Council adopted an important motion.
It was about the need for median barriers along the 401 Highway between London and Tilbury.
This is a very dangerous road known as “carnage alley” because of the frequent collisions and fatalities there.
MPP Rick Nicholls has often reminded his colleagues at all levels of government of the need for a median barrier in that dangerous stretch of the 401. In fact, he has mentioned it frequently in the Ontario Parliament since he became an MPP in 2011.
“As I have often said, a median barrier would do a lot to prevent needless deaths and accidents,” said Nicholls. “I am extremely pleased to see some progress on this matter after years of advocacy and petitioning,” he continued.
Two weeks ago, Nicholls started another petition in response to the two most recent deaths on that dangerous part of the 401.
The petition has already gained more than 500 signatures.
“I hope that the Provincial Government will respond immediately, and install the median barrier,” said Nicholls.
Rick Nicholls, MPP

Rick Nicholls, MPP Chatham-Kent-Essex
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