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Another Billion Dollar Boondoggle

August 28, 2017

Another Billion Dollar Boondoggle

Opinion Editorial
July 10, 2017

Chatham – In eleven months, Ontarians will go to the polls to elect which Party they want to govern Ontario.
While the Liberal government gives millions of dollars away on the backs of future generations, their energy file remains in shambles. How so you might ask?
The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers did their own calculation of the government’s electricity statistics and found $1 billion worth of clean electricity was wasted in 2016. This equates to 7.6 terawatt-hours, or enough to power 760,000 homes for a year. The number is a 58 per cent increase in the amount wasted in 2015.
The calculation looks at the potential power that could be generated, but is not. This results in hydroelectric dams letting water spill over the top, and nuclear plants releasing steam instead of using it to power turbines. The calculation also takes into account the electricity sold at less than the cost of production.
Now, in addition to the auditor general, we have an independent source verifying how much the government’s mismanagement has cost Ontario electricity users.
Plain and simple, the Liberals have created yet another billion dollar boondoggle! What could Ontarians have with an extra billion dollars? Lower electricity rates? Improved infrastructure for bridges and roads? Improved health care for seniors and families? More long-term care beds? Breakfasts for school children? Better housing facilities for those in need?
Interesting how one can always tell when an election is looming. This current Liberal government and Premier Kathleen Wynne are giving away millions of dollars in a feeble attempt to regain the confidence of voters. I call it “buying votes” but let’s hope for the upcoming election, voters will not be fooled by Liberal promises. In just 14 years, they have increased the provincial debt from $130 Billion to now over $325 Billion. And they are doing it on the backs of current and future generations.
Hold fast friends. With less than 11 months before the next election, a change in government is drastically needed as I fear the worst is yet to come before the election. Don’t be fooled by Liberal “feel good” empty promises.
Rick Nicholls, MPP


Rick Nicholls, MPP Chatham-Kent-Essex
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