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Chatham Daily News: Nicholls Believes Provincial Budget will be Balanced on Back of Ontarians

September 12, 2016


Rick Nicholls said the Liberal government’s attempt to “hit the reset button” by proroguing government last week and delivering a throne speech on Monday “is just too little too late.”

The Chatham-Kent Essex MPP is particularly critical of the Kathleen Wynne’s government attempt to address skyrocketing electricity rates with a promise to knock off the eight-per-cent provincial portion of the HST off energy bills.

“This government is using a band-aid solution on a gash that requires sutures,” Nicholls said.

He points to the fact about a year ago the Liberal government removed the Clean Energy Benefit, which saved consumers about 10 per cent on their energy bills.

“And now they want to give you an eight-per-cent reduction,” Nicholls said. “It’s a shell game.”

The MPP said he found it interesting that earlier this summer, Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault stated he had no idea how many people in Ontario were behind on their electricity bills.

Citing that 8.2 per cent of Ontario households are in arrears on their hydro bills, Nicholls said, “if that doesn’t spell crisis, I don’t know what does. But he (Thibeault) didn’t seem to think it was a crisis at that time.”

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