Apply Now to Become a Queen’s Park Page!

October 8, 2014

Page Program

Each year approximately 140 young students from across Ontario are selected to participate in the Legislative Page Program.  This is a unique educational experience open to all Ontario students enrolled in grades 7 or 8, and provides an opportunity to work in the Legislative Chamber as well as explore the history and traditions of the Legislative Assembly.

The Program is designed for outgoing, high-achieving, community-involved students who have demonstrated responsibility and leadership.  Legislative Pages experience the provincial legislature in action, meet key parliamentary and political figures, and learn first-hand about Ontario’s Parliament and legislative process.  They also have the opportunity to forge new lifelong friendships with peers from all over Ontario.

The Page Program is only offered when the provincial legislature is in session, usually from mid-February until early June and from early September until mid-December.

Selected students are granted a leave of absence from their school to serve their term of duty as Pages.  While at Queen’s Park, Pages are under the direction of the Page Program Coordinator who is a certified Ontario teacher.  Pages receive an honorarium of $15.00 per day during their term of duty.

Who can apply?

The Program is open to Ontario students who:

·         Are in Grade 7 or 8
·         Have very good grades — 80% or higher
·         Are involved in their school or in their community
·         Have an interest in current events
·         Get along well with other students and adults
·         How do you apply?

How to Apply

There are three steps to the application process that must be completed in the following order:
1. Write an essay (750 words, double-spaced)
2. Fill in the Online Application Form (and include your essay)
3. Complete the Consent Form

Page Program contact information:

Phone: 416-325-7457

Email: page_program@ontla.ola.org

For more information, feel free to visit their website here.