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MPP Nicholls Visits Leamington Hospital (photo courtesy of Leamington Southpoint Sun)

March 13, 2013

Photo by Leamington Southpoint Sun.

Photo by Leamington Southpoint Sun.

(Leamington, Ontario) Rick Nicholls, MPP Chatham-Kent-Essex met with officials
from the Family Health Team in Leamington and spent some time working
alongside the nurses and doctors in the Emergency Room at Leamington District
Memorial Hospital recently.

Mr. Nicholls saw first hand the efficiencies of both the Emergency Room and the
Family Health Team, as well as the major issues that these health professionals
face on a daily basis.

Nicholls stated “The Leamington catchment area is severely under serviced when it
comes to physicians. In addition Leamington and its rural catchment area are
uniquely different than a large urban centre and thus require a hospital to serve as
a centralized location for the 75000 residents it serves. However, the nurses and
doctors that we do have in this area are phenomenal at servicing the community
healthcare needs.”