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Nicholls: Ontario Will Be Centre of Economic Growth Again

October 12, 2012

(QUEEN’S PARK): Ontario traditionally has been the economic leader of Canada, leading the way both in growth and job creation. This position was one that countless Ontarians worked tirelessly for, said PC Deputy Labour Critic, MPP Rick Nicholls said today following the release of Paths to Prosperity: An Agenda for Growth.

“The people of Ontario, in the past, were always able to count on their government to match their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit with policies that were prudent, intelligent and conducive to economic growth and a government that spent within its’ means ,” Nicholls said. “But since this Liberal government came to power just over a decade ago, this isn’t the case any longer. This government has repeatedly and consistently let the people of this province down,” Nicholls added.

600,000 Ontarians are currently walking the streets unable to find work. This Liberal government has spent the taxpayers’ money with such reckless abandon that the province is at the brink of bankruptcy. The size of government continues to grow out of control with soaring power rates, increased taxes, a costly regulatory burden and a deficit nearing $30-billion. The McGuinty Liberal plan has failed. If these dangerous trends are to be reversed, bold action and change is needed now.

Nicholls said it’s expected that Ontario’s economy would face headwinds like a slow recovery in the United States and a strong Canadian dollar, but a strong dollar has been a fact of life since 2007. “While the rest of Canada is moving forward and rebuilding from the economic storm, Ontario’s submerged underwater.”

“Despite this, Tim Hudak and my PC Caucus colleagues are certain that once again Ontario can be the economic centre of Canada,” Nicholls stated. “But, the first step is a change in government. We must have a government that actually understands the enormous challenges Ontario faces. Tim Hudak and our Tory team truly understand the struggle middle-class Ontarians are currently going through,” Nicholls added.

Paths to Prosperity: An Agenda for Growth – the fourth in a series of PC white papers – proposes a very different approach of smaller, more focused government and a level playing field for all to succeed through lower taxes, freer trade and less government interference.

The PC Job Creation Task Force reached out to businesses, individuals, economists, think tanks and industry associations to hear their best ideas. An Agenda for Growth features 15 bold proposals to grow the economy. Specifically: making tough choices and taking urgent action to balance the budget; tax cuts to create jobs and attract investments; ending the runaround of regulations facing business owners; and creating 200,000 new skilled-trade jobs.

Nicholls concluded “if we tackle our challenges with the full force of our abilities and ingenuity, Ontario can be put back onto the road to prosperity and once again be the best place in the world to work, invest and live.”

To read An Agenda for Growth and to share your own ideas to create jobs and turn the economy around, visit: www.ontariopc.com/paths-to-prosperity.