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Nicholls: Liberal education bill fits Liberal pattern of mismanagement

August 24, 2012

(CHATHAM-KENT) – As Dalton McGuinty and education minister Laurel Broten drag their heels in finding a solution to the labour strife in Ontario’s education sector, the Ontario PCs have been looking for solutions to close the $300 million gap the flawed OECTA deal creates, says MPP Rick Nicholls.

Nicholls said today that Ontario students should not have to suffer because of Dalton McGuinty’s mismanagement and stalling.

“Dalton McGuinty should have done the right thing last week when our leader Tim Hudak called for the Legislature to return immediately to deal with this Liberal mess,” said Nicholls.

The Ontario PCs have stated from the beginning that if a deal similar to the one drawn up with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) were legislated across the board, it would create a $300 million gap in the province’s finances – a far cry from the “wage freeze” McGuinty claims it creates.

“Make no mistake – if Ontario had money left, Dalton McGuinty would be throwing every penny of it at this problem until it went away. For nine years, that has always been Plan A for Dalton McGuinty. He doesn’t have a Plan B. But it seems he’s finally realizing that Ontario doesn’t have any money left. We’re glad to see he finally got the message.”

Nicholls said the priority now has to be saving the school year from McGuinty mismanagement. The Legislature will return next week to deal with the issue.

“Frankly, this discussion has gone on far longer than it should have,” said Nicholls. “Dalton McGuinty and Laurel Broten were content to bully their colleagues in the Legislature as though they still had a majority, and to hold the school year hostage for a deal that requires some serious scrutiny.

“I want to see students back in their classrooms in September. That’s what Chatham-Kent-Essex  moms and dads want.”