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MPP wants stop to ‘turbines popping up everywhere’

July 19, 2012

Turbines in Essex and Chatham-Kent counties in southwestern Ontario have become a fact of life.

In Chatham-Kent alone, for example, there could be more than 500 turbines turning by 2014.

But not if Chatham-Kent Progressive Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls has anything to say about it. He and his party want a moratorium on the development of wind farms while Ottawa completes its study.

“When I heard [Health Canada] decided to conduct a study, I was very, very pleased. It tells me there is more to local issues with regard to health,” he said. “When the federal government decides to look at it, I believe there is something more serious out there than we’ve known to exist in the past.”

Nicholls said, “turbines are popping up everywhere” in his riding.

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