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Success for Ontario Job Creators as MPP Nicholls’ First Private Member’s Bill Passes Second Reading

May 17, 2012

(QUEEN’S PARK)—MPP Rick Nicholls thanked his colleagues today for their support of small business owners in Chatham-Kent-Essex and acrossOntario, as his first piece of legislation passed Second Reading in the House.


The bill, the Legislative Oversight of Regulations Act 2012, will create a registry containing each of the nearly 400,000 regulations inOntario. The next step is providing the Auditor General with a mandate to ensure that any claims of cutting red tape have actually occurred. Finally, the bill demands that any new regulations to be introduced are subject to a cost-benefit analysis.


“It’s about being accountable to the business owners that makeOntariorun,” said Nicholls. “I’ve heard from job creators throughout Chatham-Kent-Essex that have told me horror stories about mountains of paperwork they have to spend time with, or regulations that need to be met, for purposes that are either redundant or unknown.”


With the passage of the bill to committee for further study, business owners acrossOntariocan be confident that MPPs atQueensParkare listening to their concerns on the issue of crippling red tape.


“I came to office with the goal of helping out the employers and job creators in my riding,” said Nicholls. “Today was a day when partisanship wasn’t even part of the conversation.


“Now we can get down to the real work of helping owners in Chatham-Kent-Essex free themselves from red tape and spend more time getting Ontario back to work.”