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MPP Nicholls: Budget is weak, disappointing

March 28, 2012

Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nicholls said the budget brought forward by the McGuinty Liberals does nothing to tackle Ontario’s jobs crisis – and it worsens the jobs crisis for Chatham-Kent-Essex.

“This was a chance for Dalton McGuinty to get tough and do what had to be done,” Nicholls said. “Yet today’s budget is a weak and disappointing response to Ontario’s jobs and spending crisis.

“Worst of all, Dalton McGuinty outright misled the people of Chatham-Kent-Essex when he announced the closing of the Chatham jail.

“It was a blindside manoeuvre, pure and simple, and I’ll demand to see the financial case made for the closing. There are going to be jobs lost in our community, both direct and indirect, from this announcement.

Nicholls said Dalton McGuinty had to have known the jail would be closed at the time of the election, yet he chose to keep quiet.
“And now, nobody will be surprised when those prisoners are transferred to the super jail in the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh – conveniently, the riding from which Liberal Finance Minister Dwight Duncan hails.”

Nicholls said this do-nothing budget further exacerbates Ontario’s jobs crises, by featuring:

  • The cancellation of planned business tax cuts
  • A deficit now three times the size of all other provinces combined
  • Spending increases in 14 out of 24 Ministries
  • A complete lack of a jobs plan except for yet another advisory body, and
  • No concrete action on the cost of public sector compensation – just more consultations

Nicholls said despite their pleas to the contrary, the McGuinty Liberals simply failed to grasp the hole into which they’ve dug Ontario.
“Instead, they made long-term commitments to pet projects like wind turbines, with no way to pay for them, except on the backs of Ontarians and businesses that are trying to stay afloat.”

“Ontario is staring down a $30 billion deficit and no plan for growth,” said Nicholls. “I’m proud to stand with the only party in the Legislature that has a plan to make Ontario a place for businesses to invest and grow again.”